Cyber Bullying

The first question that might come to mind is, “What is the difference between BULLYING and CYBERBULLYING?” Well, cyber bullying is the act of bullying in cyberspace, or on the internet, or through social media or via text message. The actual difference between bullying and cyber bullying is that bullying could be physical or mental. Physical bullying includes punching, hitting, kicking, hurting, or beating up someone. Meat bullying includes teasing, taunting, etc. Cyber bullying on the other hand includes different situations. Cyber bullying could humiliate, embarrass, harass, or hurt someone’s feelings. One of the most common examples of cyber bullying is when someone posts something bad about someone else – let’s say on facebook or twitter or other social media sites – and the person being teased’s feelings are hurt, other people might even laugh at him/her when they see the person. This may even change  the life of the person involved. That is why cyber bullying is a no-go where ever you are, in school, at work, or even in public places. In my opinion, cyberbullying might just be worse than ordinary bullying because the victim would be ashamed to show him/herself. These are the reasons why we say NO TO CYBER BULLYING!!!cyber_bullyImage source:


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