Happiness is not meant to be used alone

Happiness. It’s a word that most people have heard, or have possessed, or merely just enjoyed. Some people don’t know the real meaning of happiness or what it is for. Did you know that  happiness is really meant to be shared with others. Friends, family, household helpers, teachers, even sharing happiness is a simple act for us but a great act of happiness for others, especially the needy, the poor, and the people we love the most…

Everyday I try to make at least 1 person happy. You see, even making others happy can make YOU happy, too.

                   If you ask me, though, who I can make happy today, I would say our one and only Lord our God. You see, as I said earlier that simple acts of kindness can make others happy? Especially God. Remember, God is watching our every move and all the good things we do everyday. So if you think no one is looking, think again because someone with a good character does good actions when he or she thinks that no one is looking. The reason I can make God happy (why) is because every good deed done is a smile on God’s face……imgresImage source…                         http://www.anonymousartofrevolution.com/2012/10/happiness-is-something-that-comes-into.html