The Year Of The Snake

It’s the year of the snake

Yes, you heard me right

There’s no time to take

It’s not time to fight

We are all the same

We humbly show our talents

with no shame

So we shall fold our tents

pack our bags

and celebrate

there’s no time to wait

It’s the year of the snake

Yes, you heard me right

It’s our year this year

let’s party every night

and go with out fear!



Study, Study, Study

Have you ever stayed at home for a day and just studied? You know, like reading up your lessons, doing some research or maybe testing yourself or memorizing something. Well, I have.

How was it? A) Boring? B) Exciting? C) Fun? Duh. A. Times 1000. There really is something wrong with this. When you read something for a long time (studying) and you are sitting down, or maybe lying down, perhaps you would get lethargic and start either falling asleep or stretching about. When I was doing my research paper once, I sat down facing the computer screen for 3 hours straight and couldn’t even feel my own legs anymore. It was about Medusa, and when I got to the end of my second paragraph, my eyes hurt so much and I only had 18 sentences in the second paragraph! Well, there was nothing better to do but stretch my back and my neck. There was another time when I was memorizing my composition for chinese and we had to memorize two more papers… I then started to mix all the words up and soon, all three papers seemed like one.

See what I mean? Studying DOES have its pros and cons.

My Biggest Shock (maybe)

I never knew things could change this year. What, a change in my life? Not really. Ummm… you could consider it one. You see, in our school, there are honor awards. If you get a B+ and above in the report card, then you have honors. I was a consistent honor student but then this year was difficult because of all the assessments, projects and homework. I didn’t expect things to topple over this year but then… I was so shocked when I didn’t get honors because of the math QT in the 2nd quarter! It really felt like the end of the world when I saw the B. If only I got a B+, I could’ve gotten honors! Oh well, I guess this is an experience to learn from…

Being Nervous

What is nervousness, you ask? First thing, what is being nervous for you? Perhaps an upcoming test or exam? A big event to happen? A long day ahead? Possibly like me, nerve-racking nervousness such as being afraid to even do anything dangerous because you might spend the rest of your life not in good terms?

Earlier today, I spoke with a classmate of mine and we were talking about accidents in life. Accidents really are quite a fright because who knows what happens when one happens to you? There was a time when I was walking down the stairs in pre-school and suddenly, while talking to my schoolmate, I tumbled down the flight of 20 steps of stairs with a big lump on my head and of course, a couple of terrifying shouts.

My classmate on the other hand was biking when another biker had bumped him in the back. He fell off the bike and was horrified by the experience. 

How about yours? What things in life make YOU nervous or anxious in any way?


Happiness is not meant to be used alone

Happiness. It’s a word that most people have heard, or have possessed, or merely just enjoyed. Some people don’t know the real meaning of happiness or what it is for. Did you know that  happiness is really meant to be shared with others. Friends, family, household helpers, teachers, even sharing happiness is a simple act for us but a great act of happiness for others, especially the needy, the poor, and the people we love the most…

Everyday I try to make at least 1 person happy. You see, even making others happy can make YOU happy, too.

                   If you ask me, though, who I can make happy today, I would say our one and only Lord our God. You see, as I said earlier that simple acts of kindness can make others happy? Especially God. Remember, God is watching our every move and all the good things we do everyday. So if you think no one is looking, think again because someone with a good character does good actions when he or she thinks that no one is looking. The reason I can make God happy (why) is because every good deed done is a smile on God’s face……imgresImage source…